Pimms Cup  
gin, fruit, spice, cucumber, gingerale  
Better and Better  
smokey sombra mezcal, zacapa solera 23 rum  
Rye Toast  
toasted caraway infused rye, sugar, orange, jerry thomas bitters  
French Negroni  
suze, lillet, plymouth dry gin  
Sour Cherry Sidecar  
calvados, cherry, lemon, brandied cherry, sugared rim  
MappleJack Sazerac  
applejack whiskey, rye, maple, absinthe, maple bitters, lemon  
H&O Martini  
bershire ethereal gin, lillet blanc, orange bitters, an olive  
Copper and Kings Swizzle  
american brandy, pineapple, lime, angostura  
Brockman's Martini  
berry infused gin from the uk, fresh lime, sugar  
Bourbon Renewal  
four roses, lemon, creme de cassis, sugar, angostura bitters  
Campari Margarita  
blanco tequila, campari, beauchant orange, lime and grapefruit  
Matcha Sake Sangria  
matcha green tea, shiso infused sake, citrus, whiskey  
Celery Gimlet  
gin, fresh celery juice, lemon, sugar  
Sherry Cobbler  
medium dry sherry, fresh orange, sugar, orange bitters  

white wine

HOUSE WHITE.   5 glass / 19 bottle
peres balte blanc de pacs organic, spain
BRUT.   40 bottle
louis bouillot 'perle de vigne', nuits-saint-georges france
PROSECCO.   7 glass / 23 bottle
lunetta, italy/ bellafina, italy
CHENIN BLANC.   9 glass / 35 bottle
a.a. badenhorst secateurs, swartland south africa
WHITE BEAUJOLAIS.   8 glass / 31 bottle
jean paul brun, france
PINOT BLANC.   9 glass / 35 bottle
trimbach, france
CHARDONNAY.   7 glass / 27 bottle
souverain, alexander valley ca
SAUVIGNON BLANC.   7 glass / 25 bottle
fournier, loire france
ROSE.   6 glass / 23 bottle
jean-luc columbo, cabe bleue france
RIESLING.   6 glass / 23 bottle
vinicombe, germany
PINOT GRIGIO.   6 glass
gazerra, sicily italy
CHAMPAGNE.   60 bottle
moet and chandon 'white star', epernay france

red wine

HOUSE RED.   5.5 glass
agricultura tinto vinho, portugal
SANGIOVESE.   11 glass / 40 bottle
la mozza 'i perazzi', morellino di scansano italy
MENCIA.   10 glass / 38 bottle
el pájaro rojo, bierzo spain
ZINFANDEL.   8.5 glass / 33 bottle
predator 'old vine', lodi ca
SHIRAZ.   7.5 glass / 29 bottle
badenhorst 'curator's blend', swartland south africa
PINOT NOIR.   7 glass / 28 bottle
chalone, monteray ca
MALBEC.   6.5 glass / 25 bottle
santa julia, argentina
CABERNET.   6 glass / 23 bottle
kaiken, mendoza argentina
MERLOT.   6 glass / 23 bottle
greystone cellars, ca


FRESH SODAS. fun, non-boozy drinks

lime, honey and soda  
mint, cucumber and lemon soda, sugar  
lemon, sugar, soda  

beer on tap

a hoppy, floral and fruity ale- made by smart people from orange!-5%  
BIG ELM Fat Boy Double IPA  
delicious dopa-double-dry hopped, super juicy!- sheffield, ma- 8%  
TR…EGS Solid Sender Pale Ale  
crispy, grassy hops, caramel underneath, tropical fruit and citrus- pa- 5.2%  
MAINE BEER CO. ÔMoÕ American Pale Ale  
tropical fruit, malty balance, dry finish-so good!- portland, me- 6%  
WICKED WEED Tropicmost Gose  
limited allocation, brewed with passion fruit and salt- nc- 4%  
SLOOP BREWING the Sauer Peach  
dark, super tart juicy peach- a great, funky sour! ny state- 4.2%  
jamaican style ginger beer made in greenfield  
FOUNDERS Breakfast Stout  
super delicious imperial- balanced coffee and chocolate- mi- 8.3%  
JACKÕS ABBY Smoke and Dagger Lager  
a mildly smokey schwarzerbier made with local barley- worcester- 5.8%  
BERKSHIRE BREWING Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale  
classic, malty american pale- south deerfield, ma- 5.5%  
collaboration with brewmaster jack, delicious, ipa Ð tropical-hoppy 6%  
ALLAGASH White Ale  
a lovely, musty summery, wheat ale-lots of orange and coriander- me- 5%  

bottled beer

Miler Lite  
Clausthaler NA